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Profound Knowledge

You will gain an in-depth and always up-to-date understanding of blockchain technologies and participate in the development of a methodology for blockchain-based business model generation and implementation.

Business Model Impact

You will understand and harness the impact of blockchain on your business model, understand the potentials of DLT for your challenges and be enabled to derive a concise DLT roadmap.

Joint Implementations

We will jointly develop  POCs using world-class technology. These POCs help you convince people in your organization and show you how to use the technologies.

Private Proof-of-Concepts

Private POCs and market-ready implementations  distinguish you from your competitors. Together we will realize your ideas and solve your problems by means of DLT-based ecosystem solutions.


We are hiring!

We are looking for PhD students (University of St. Gallen, Zurich-based) and blockchain consultants in the greater Zurich area. Download our info packages now.

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The Competence Center Approach

The Competence Center Blockchain Ecosystems brings together researchers and practitioners who jointly work on tomorrow’s blockchain-based solutions in order to enhance your business model.

Regular workshops, working groups, events, high-class guest speakers, leading researchers and cutting-edge technology will enable you to grow your network, dive into the depths of blockchain and use the technology to enhance your business models.

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Exemplary Use Cases for your Industry

The community POCs’ topics are jointly agreed by the consortium. Below you find a small selection of possible POC aspects and ideas.

The challenge – cluttered architectures, strategic inability

Blockchain is able to help you solve some of your most striking problems and pave the way for enhancing your business model. Among these challenges are non-standardized processes, interwoven and outdated infrastructure components and legacy application architectures. These lead to profound problems:

Strategic paralysis

You are not able to establish innovations in a timely manner due to technological constraints. DLT, smart contracts and formal blockchain protocols can help to make you more agile and enable completely new business models.

Cumbersome reconciliation

Heterogenuous architectures and semantic non-interoperability hamper reconciliation across your company branches.


Costly maintenance

Maintenance costs exceed innovation budgets by far due to monolithic legacy application architectures. DLT helps you establish service-orientation within your company.

Lack of realtime-information

Realtime-information across the value chain is a daunting task due to numerous semi-standards. Formal DLT protocols help you solving these problems.

…and many more

These are just some of the problems where blockchain and DLT in general may bring you significant improvements. Our Competence Center helps you identify and realize those opportunities.

Competence Center Setup

CC Blockchain Ecosystems

The Competence Center is governed by the participating companies.


Stable team of full-time researchers and participating companies and a maximum of 12-14 partner companies.


We jointly work on artifacts that are of value to all participants. Within the community, no company-specific confidential information will be discussed unless wished for.  Therefore, bilateral confidential arrangements to conduct private POCs and projects are set up, applying and specializing the common results in order to differentiate your company.


Topics are jointly determined by the participating companies and the researchers, originating from the following domains: Business models & potentials, solutions & concepts, valuation & convincing, implementation, transformation and operation.


One steering committee member per partner company participates at the bi-annual Steering Committee meetings.


Four 2.5-day workshops per year, with 2-3 participants from each member company. Workshops comprise a blend of methodological sessions, open discussions, group works, guest talks and networking elements. Additionally, interim working groups and exclusive events take place.

Your benefits as a community member

As a community member you will receive the following benefits:

Network access: Four 2.5-day workshops for up to three participants from your company | Participation in working groups between workshops | partner discounts to several events and conferences 

Methodology and knowhow: A complete methodology that enables you to derive strategic DLT roadmaps and helps you implementing blockchain-based ideas in your company | support for leveraging results within your company | trend- and knowhow-updates in every workshop and inbetween | possibility to discuss individual challenges within the community | access to many years of blockchain research and implementation experience

Tangible results: constantly enhanced community POC | possibility to conduct private POCs | Access to best practices database | access to the continuously growing knowledge database with all CC results | access to leading blockchain and ecosystem technologies

Active influence on topics: Steering Committee membership to actively influence the CC topics

You will be enabled to reach profound blockchain-related investment decisions, systematically develop and implement blockchain ecosystem-based ideas, convince people within your company by means of working POCs and stay up-to-date with the latest blockchain-related know-how.

Get in touch with us. We are happy to tell you about your membership options.

Our promise

The Competence Center will enable you to continuously build and establish new blockchain-driven ideas and business models for your company.

The power of collaboration

We believe in the power of community, ecosystem, research, innovation, knowledge and technology.

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New business models

Together we realize the potentials of blockchain and distributed ledger technology for your future business model.

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You will be enabled to harness the potential of blockchain and ecosystems, stay up-to-date, build your network, get access to world-class technology and to establish your blockchain innovations within your company.

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Always up-to-date

Our researchers have access to and profound knowledge of all relevant current research and practice related to blockchain and ecosystems.

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Target participants

Best results will be obtained if companies send people from different expertise area
(e.g. from Business and from IT). For example, the following might be suitable participants’ roles:

Business and strategy developer

Blockchain innovation expert

Head of architecture / Senior architect


Digital lead

Ecosystem expert

Head of innovation

Member of innovation board

Who we are

The Competence Center Blockchain Ecosystems is run by the Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen in cooperation with university and technology partners.

Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen AG

BEI is a Switzerland-based transfer institute between research and practice. We are successfully operating Competence Centers for almost two decades now in the areas of business models, blockchain, ecosystems and transformation. The Competence Center Blockchain Ecosystems is jointly operated with university and technology partners.

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Our technology partner: Noumena Digital

Noumena’s ecosystem-based DLT stack enables us to implement POCs with a cutting-edge technology in a fast and reliable manner.  A radically process-centered approach combined with distributed-ledger technology allows to model and execute processes on scalable, secure and unambiguous platforms in the ecosystem.

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Institute of Information Management (IWI-HSG) at the University of St. Gallen

The University of St. Gallen is among the leading research institutions in Europe. Under the academic lead of Prof. Dr. Reinhard Jung at the Institute of Information Management, PhD students conduct in-depth research on blockchain, DLT and ecosystems.

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Information Systems Institute at the Universität of Leipzig

The Information Systems Institute at the University of Leipzig is a leading blockchain research institute. Under the academic lead of Prof. Dr. Rainer Alt, PhD students conduct in-depth research on blockchain and DLT.

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